Goody is formulized according to the palate of your animal, not that of humans.

It is not possible to achieve such taste with the food you prepare at home.

The most significant point here is that you should pay attention to the information written at the "Switching to Goody" section when switching from one brand of food to Goody.
Goody is rich in high-quality protein, fats and oils that your pet needs.

Goody also contains the correct amounts of calcium, phosphorus, potassium, vitamins and minerals which may not be present in sufficient amounts in food prepared at home.

Pets fed with home-made food are more likely to suffer from calcium and zinc deficiencies, and have orthopedic and neurologic problems, plus have visual impairments of the lens and retina.
The food prepared at home, either prepared from your own leftovers or cooked especially for your friend, consumes time and energy.

It is more practical just to open the package and fill the bowl with the sufficient amounts of Goody.

Goody feeds your friend in the best manner without posing a burden for you.

To have a healthy and long life with your pet, feed it with Goody.
Regardless of the type of the food that you prepare at home, in terms of time, effort, material costs Goody is the best both for you and your friend due to the daily cost of feeding with Goody being lower than these costs.